When seeking new destinations, while captains of our own ships, partnering with a 'professional navigator' can help set our most effective course

  • agility

    The ability to move quickly and easily through today’s complex and rapidly evolving landscape

    Our world is complex on many dimensions as we see massive change from digitization, advanced analytics, and the availability of incredible amounts of information.


    With the fast changes in the nature of work and how people and technology will interact in the years ahead, our own personal growth is the essential underpinning of how we relate to our relationships, culture, society and careers.


    Our world offers tremendous growth opportunities on all levels and transitions are a natural course for us, especially when we want to get the most from life!


    Whether chosen or caused by unexpected circumstances, transitions lead us to new rewarding chapters in our lives. They provide us with the ability to take additional steps toward reaching new goals and to respond to new opportunities and risks through which we can learn and evolve.


    The Next Chapter program equips you to:


    Shift your context or point of view of self, understanding the context from which you draw your identity and basic patterns of thinking and behavior


    Incorporate a personal operating system that enables you to navigate your circumstances, relationships and career with ease


    Understand how the power of the stance you operate from or 'where you are coming from' creates the reality of what is possible and intentionally create powerful inner stances


    If you understand the pattern of change, a cycle of stable times followed by transitions,

    and where you are in it, you can identify the best choices for guiding your life, at any time, any where,

    regardless of the amount and complexity of change you are enduring.


  • who I am

    Business & Individual Transformation Consultant and Coach 

    Cheryl Martin, M.A.

    Cheryl is a long time Denver resident and began her college education with a BA in Communications at University of Colorado followed by a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. She took both into business. Drawn to the learning and development area she worked with International Learning Systems as an instructional designer, developing experiential soft skill training programs for Fortune 50’s. Cheryl was drawn to coaching early in its launch and later coached small businesses. She also consulted to businesses when they needed organizational strategy, training, talent development or facilitation.


    She was recruited to management consulting work with Gemini Consulting where she was introduced to change management, which evolved to be her specialty when later working for a smaller consulting firm. Cheryl continued as a transformation consultant both independently and as Manager of Organization Transformation for Deloitte Consulting. Her role with large transformation projects included coaching all levels with a focus on providing leaders the skills to lead their people through change.


    With a long career leading transformation for organizations and their leaders Cheryl is recognized as a thought leader in the area of change.


    Cheryl's education and experience, a combination of communication, counseling psychology, organizational effectiveness, with a specialty in transformation, and executive coaching, is powerfully integrated to get exceptional results with individual and organizational change and growth.

  • What I do

    I guide leaders and entrepreneurs as well as individuals in personal transition.

    My work takes two primary forms:

    • Guide leaders to most effectively navigate and guide their people through change.   
    • Guide individuals in life transitions (new, different, more effective or greater possibility) to understand where they are and the most effective choices to get where they want to be.

    Personal growth is the essential underpinning

    I help my clients realize their own enlightenment and brilliance by guiding them with some of the following transitions:


    Enhance and/or add change leadership skills

    Gain clarity about any new Chapter in life (new, different, more effective or greater possibility)

    Achieve an Amazing Vision or Goal

    Grow or change personal operating system

    New career desire, enhance existing career, retirement


    I like to make my clients' experience truly unforgettable!

    Ways I'll Up Your Game

    • If you’re unaware you have a strength that can be built upon, or are lacking an asset that will be critical to future success ... I focus on helping you see key growth opportunities that will have the greatest immediate impact
    • If you’re facing an opportunity but don’t see it, or you’re asking for guidance … I focus on the big picture and on what’s possible
    • If you’re asking for a challenge or you have an ability that isn’t being fully utilized… I focus on providing what you need to make the next step

    You’ll have powerful conversations that are unforgettable.

    I will believe in you even when you forget to believe in yourself!

  • What I've done

    Helped Organizations & Leaders Improve Performance

    Corporate Change Management Leader

    I have led the people side of corporate change initiatives for over twenty years. As a business transformation and change management professional I've designed and led change strategy and implementation plans for some of the largest global corporations, involving leaders and their employees in the change process, giving them a voice and responsibility for owning the change.


    The goal is to make change sustainable by monitoring readiness throughout the process and support follow up. Some of the corporations I've worked with include: Regis Learning, Whitewave Foods, calSTRS, Federal Express, Dept of Defense, Cabela's, IHS, Encana Natural Gas, EchoLab, Cigna, Pearson Learning, and Comcast.

    I continue to do some corporate change work.

  • STAGES OF Transition

    Cycles of stable times followed by transitions is a basic flow throughout our lives.

    Periods of stability and structure can be seen as the “chapters” of our lives, times when –for the most part—life seems mostly harmonious, purposeful, predictable, and goal-oriented.


    A transition is a period of personal reorganization and revitalization between Life Chapters.

    Some important and necessary stages during transition generally fall into the following sequence and each has the benefit of personal development


    Gain understanding of previous chapter and get closure


    Manage experience of uncertainty, tap inner resources, awaken new possibilities, explore anchors/support systems


    Discover your worldview, passions, purpose, values, dreams; understanding how you see things and how you are operating can open exciting new possibilities


    Future possibilities, how you want to BE to manifest them, how you want to use the rest of your life


    Create a plan by determining financial, social, relationship, development needs, commit to implementing


    Plot necessary action toward future plan, initiate and participate in desired activities, patience with setbacks, embrace the plan, mindset of adventure


    Integrate new plan, using discipline and balance, seeking support when necessary. This is your adventure!

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